Click* 2009 Digital and Online Marketing Summit

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Revolutionizing marketing and increasing ROI with the latest cost-efficient and innovative strategies 
May 17 - 20, 2009 · Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa, Dubai, UAE




"Very informative, attained a number of great ideas and take – aways, I highly recommend" 
e-commerce manager, Rotana hotels

"(This event) really opened my eyes on what we need to do when I get back!"
Riyadh Bank, Saudi Arabia


Benefits of Attending


For the past two years, Click * Digital & Online Marketing Summits have been hugely successful in educating marketers about the latest developments in online and digital marketing strategies. Companies at the leading forefront of innovative and cost-effective online and digital marketing initiatives have addressed industry related challenges with successful strategies and solutions resulting in increasing ROI.

I can attest that these conferences really do help you realize Return On Investment in very concrete terms. ROI is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. ROI measures the amount of return on an investment relative to the investment’s cost. To calculate ROI, the benefit (or return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment, and the result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio. I attended this conference to learn more about various ROI strategies so that the firm that I work for would better be able to create apps for our clients. But I came away with much more, including an eye opening session with TNG/Earthling's Bob Sakayama, who spoke about seo topics and especially on Google penalties, which he covers in the post he calls "Google's darkest secrets". I had no idea that a website's ranks could get punished for bad behavior. Or that there was such a thing as negative seo where someone intentionally harms your ranks, for money! So far beyond the topics of ROI, investment opportunities, business trends, etc. for me, the value of attending this event is knowledge. Conferences such as this present great opportunities for networking and making preliminary introductions that potentially could lead to new clients, and discovering new ideas.

In a market that has been hit with the global credit crisis, it has become more important than ever to reduce marketing costs and at the same time, increase ROI by consolidating internal learning and gaining up-to-the-minute knowledge about effective marketing campaigns.

By attending Click 2009 – Digital & Online Marketing Summit, you will become part of an exclusive team of marketers benefiting from the latest trends and strategies that have been proven to generate profitable results for companies around the Middle East and beyond. Also, the leading advertising and media agencies and consultants will be present to offer their solutions catered towards your specific needs.

Key issues addressed in 2009 through effective case studies, exclusive presentations and interactive training workshops include:


  • Achieving accurate target segmentation for niche marketing and how to do it
  • Presenting advanced mobile web technology, its benefits and what you need to get involved
  • Reiterating the benefits of social media and learning how to go about it
  • Innovative design structures for websites and how to achieve them, not only for traffic generation but also consumer engagement
  • Discussing traditional advertising vs. online advertising and how to make the transition while maintaining a balance
  • The latest innovations, techniques and successful strategies used in online and digital marketing and how they can be implemented and achieved


Network and share experiences with:


CEOs, Directors and Heads of Marketing, Branding, Digital Marketing, Online Advertisement, Ecommerce, New Media Marketing, Media strategy, Media Planning, Corporate communications, Sales, Web portal Managers, CRM, Digital Support, E Channels, Promotions, Digital Marketing agencies, consultants, Research Agencies, Analysts and more.



2009 Expert Speaker line up includes:

  • Hamad M. Malik, Director- Marketing and Corporate Communications, LG Electronics, Middle East and Africa Operations
  • Aziz Mohamed, Corporate Marketing Manager and Government Affairs, HP Middle East
  • Geeta Jadhav, Group Marketing Manager, Lals Group
  • Fayez Abu Awad, Business Development Manager, MEA, Nokia Interactive Advertising
  • Barry Judge, Marketing Manager,
  • Michael A. Netzley, Corporate Communication, Singapore Management University
  • Jitendra Jain, E-Commerce Manager, Starwood Hotels and Resorts (Mina Seyahi Complex)
and many more!



How to Get Involved:

Call for Papers: If you would like to become a part of this exclusive conference and showcase some of your planned activities and success stories regarding your latest projects, please contact the Conference Director, Jinanda Sheth at or +971 4 374 8285 before to discuss a presentation slot.

Call for Sponsors: If you have specific capabilities and unique solutions that our executive delegates will benefit from and would like to present and showcase your capabilities, contact or +971 4 360 2801 to reserve a presentation or exhibition space.

Attending as a Delegate: If you would like for you and your team to benefit from the commutative knowledge presented at this exclusive conference, click here and register yourself and team before 22 February 2009 to take advantage of our early bird offer.

Click* 2009 Digital and Online Marketing Summit

Revolutionizing marketing and increasing ROI with the latest cost-efficient and innovative strategies 
May 17 - 20, 2009 · Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa, Dubai, UAE



  • Workshop A: Solutions to save your advertising budget in 2009
  • Workshop B: Strategies to use social media for driving business results and increasing ROI
  • Workshop C : Brand risks and rewards: Using social media during a crisis
  • Workshop D: Web analysis: Your guide to understanding and optimizing website usage for online marketing
  • Workshop E: Exploring different opportunities and training tools for effective marketing

Sunday 17 May 2009

09.00-12.00 Workshop A: Solutions to save your advertising budget in 2009

At this workshop you will learn about:

  • Advertising forecasts in 2009, helping marketers get great insights on what is effective and efficient to overcome the economic crisis and help companies grow
  • The importance of online advertising and helping marketers realize the effectiveness of this medium (measurability and scalability)
  • Targeting the audience you want in the way you want to
  • Getting your message across to targeted demographics in an engaging and exciting way

Hussein Freijeh
Director of Sales


13.00-17.00 Workshop B: Strategies to use social media for driving business results and increasing ROI

At this workshop you will learn about:

  • Using social media as a part of your marketing campaign to drive business results
  • Understanding reasons to use social media and the benefits associated with this medium
  • “Social media gone wrong” - case studies and analyses
  • Methods to define your ROI for a social media project
  • Case studies of successful social media campaigns

 Steve Vaile
Founder and CEO
H20 Media

13.00-16.00 Workshop C : Brand risks and rewards: Using social media during a crisis

At this workshop you will learn about:

  • How ideas, whether true or false, can crystallize and develop a social life on the internet
  • How digital media can be used to create a digital early warning system for your brand
  • What the best practices are for responding on-line once a crisis begins
  • Setting up and analyzing your online campaign for effective marketing

 Michael Netzley
Practice Assistant Professor of Corporate Communication, Singapore
Management University

Wednesday 20 May 2009

09.00-12.00 Workshop D: Web analysis: Your guide to understanding and optimizing website usage for online marketing

At this workshop, you will learn about:

  • A review of the latest research techniques with practical techniques and real life success stories
  • Evolving trends in light of the global economic crisis with organizations clinging ever more tightly to the internet
  • Gaining a competitive advantage with your website and marketing
  • Evolving your website to attract more visitors and keep them coming back for more

Dan Healy


13.00-16.00 Workshop E: Exploring different opportunities and training tools for effective marketing

At this workshop you will learn about:

  • Fundamentals of search marketing and search engine optimization
  • Site design and architecture to best support your search engine optimization goals
  • Increasing traffic on your website
  • Professional certifications available for online marketing

Saad Bhatti
Design Manager – Marketing Department
Kamal Osman Jamj oom Est.


Meet the speakers


Aziz Mohamed

Aziz Mohamed
Corporate Marketing Manager and Government Affairs
HP Middle East

Aziz Mohamed has joined hp Middle East as the head of corporate marketing and government affairs in January 2009. The Corporate Marketing organization is focused on driving incremental growth and brand equity in alignment with HP business priorities, with an emphasis on the digital environment. Aziz will be responsible for managing the entire corporate marketing portfolio across the Middle East region -- including overseeing brand management, digital engagement, Middle East corporate media and analyst relations, employee engagement and communications, government affairs and global citizenship (including social investments and global citizenship marketing).

Aziz used to be the corporate and TSG marketing manager for HP ME between 1999 and 2004. His last assignment was at HP Canada as enterprise marketing manager. He left hp for a short period of time where he joined MTS Allstream Canada.

Fayez Abu Awad

Fayez Abu Awad is a Nokia veteran who took charge of building the mobile advertising market for Nokia in the Middle East and Africa. Starting with brown fields in MENA, he conceived, sold and managed interactive mobile advertising campaigns in the GCC, Iran, Egypt and the Levant.

Fayez holds An MBA from the University Of Oxford and an MS Eng from the University Of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. With over 11 years of experience, Fayez currently leads Nokia Interactive in the Middle East and Africa - The division charged with availing intelligent mobile marketing solutions to content creators as well as brands and agencies in the region. Previously, Fayez served as Nokia's Essential Insight manager For the Middle East and Africa, as part of the strategy process and insights team.

His career experience includes his position as research and marketing director at ITP Consulting, and Strategic Account Director at Interactive Limited in Dubai.

Fayez also has extensive experience in due diligence activities as a local advisor to the Yankee Group as well as other venture capital services. Prior to that, he was part of Bidaya Ventures, a local venture capital boutique services firm in Amman, Jordan, which was one of the founders of Jordan's first ict incubator, and a partner in a software start-up in the United States. His business acumen and passion for the success of the Arabic language in the digital world culminated in his keynote speech at the first Arab world search engine conference in 2005.

Hamad Malik

Director - Marketing & Corporate Communications 
LG Electronics – Middle East & Africa Operations

Hamad Malik leads LG Electronics’ marketing and corporate communications in Middle East & Africa Operations. His career began with market research projects in US. He then moved to Pakistan where he was involved in marketing and PR in defense industry before joining LG Electronics in UAE, in 1995.

Hamad currently spearheads LG’s marketing and corporate communications department and leads a Marcom network that spans 78 countries in Middle East & Africa region. He has broad based background in marketing and communications in highly competitive markets, in industrial goods, consumer durables, communication and IT industries.

Hamad Malik has been involved with the launch of LG brand in the region and is the architect of this strong brand. He is a regular and active speaker on international and regional marketing, digital marketing, PR and CSR conferences and forums.

Jitendra Jain

Jitendra Jain (or JJ as most know him), is an active campaigner for the online revolution in hospitality. At work, JJ handles Online Marketing at a Starwood Hotel Complex in Dubai and at play is a budding hospitality futurist, author and entrepreneur. JJ holds a Business degree specialized in Tourism from HTW Switzerland, Hospitality certifications from SSTH Switzerland, the American Hotel & Lodging Association and is a London Business School Grad Student. He is also the founder of popular hospitality initiatives like The Talent Jungle Network, and, among others.

Michael Netzley

Michael Netzley
PhD, Assistant Professor of Corporate Communication Practice
Singapore Management University

Michael serves on the faculty of Singapore Management University’s business School where he teaches Digital Media Across Asia and Managing Corporate Reputation. A committed internationalist who has worked on five continents, he is also a frequent conference presenter and consultant. Michael’s writings can be found at the CommunicateAsia blog and Digital Media across Asia wiki.

Sim Whatley

Owner and co-founder of, Sim Whatley is a 28 year old American expat that saw an opportunity in the Dubai market to launch a community based online marketplace, where the growing numbers of Expats setting up in the city could meet. Since then, the website has grown into an institution in the city

Steve Vaile
H20 Real Media
Barry Judge
Marketing Manager
Brendon Ogilvy
Ahmad Zahida
Web Commercial Senior Manager
MBC Group
Geeta Jadhav
Group Marketing Manager
Lals Group
Marcello Sambartolo
Head of Marketing
Tarek Nach Nouchi
Kalimat Maktoob
Saad Bhatti
Design Manager – Marketing Department
Kamal Osman Jamjoom Est